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Leather & Canvas Short-Cuff Guantlets

Leather & Canvas Short-Cuff Guantlets

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Excellent protection against thorns and prickles, and very comfortable. These superior quality, lined-leather gloves have a strong cotton canvas ‘short-sleeve’ to guard the wrist – a perfect combination of protection and dexterity.

Available in sizes: X-Small to X-Large

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Loose Fitting Gloves | Size Guide

Don’t know what your glove size is? Simply measure your dominant hand with a tape measure (around the knuckles of your fingers only, don't include your thumb) in inches.

The size that you measure in inches, is your glove size.

N.B. Leather will stretch a bit with use, so you can afford them to be a little snug initially!

5 Inches: XXX-Small

6 Inches: XX-Small

7 Inches: X- Small

8 Inches: Small

9 Inches: Medium

10 Inches: Large

11 Inches: X-Large

12 Inches: XX-Large

13 Inches: XXX-Large

Please note that our tight fitting gloves have slightly different measurements - please refer to size guides on indivudual product pages.