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We wear your gloves all the time!

“Hi there, I manage a 2 acre private garden with 1 assistant gardener and we wear your gloves all the time. Currently we wear them with nitrile gloves inside to keep our hands dry. These gloves are particularly good for when we are picking the leaves out from the base of herbaceous plants. We have quite a number of large, mature trees in the garden and much of the last third of the year is spent cleaning out the leaves. These are collected to make leaf mould. I particularly like being able to machine-wash the gloves.”

The best gardening gloves I’ve ever owned

“I must say these Red Backs gardening gloves are by far the best gardening gloves I’ve ever owned, and being a keen gardener of an acre and half I do a lot of gardening when work allows. They are not only durable but being breathable makes using them a pleasure.*

We bought lots more!

“I would like to say having bought some Red Backs gardening gloves from your stand at Axe Vale Show we were very pleased with the quality of them, so much so that we found you at Taunton Flower Show and bought lots more!”

Excellent service…

“Very many thanks for your excellent service.”

Ultra gardening gloves really are the business…

Ultra Garden Gloves really are the business. After a long day’s weeding and cutting back in the garden I can confidently recommend them. The palms are waterproof and grip those wet weeds really well. I used them to ‘groom’ my evergreen grasses. They clung on and removed the dead leaves and left the plant looking bright, healthy, and ready for another summer.”

The Easy Fit gloves are excellent

“The Easy Fit gardening gloves are excellent – the first I have met which allow you to sow seeds, prick out seedlings, pot on small plants and all the other tasks which require careful treatment. You could probably carry out minor surgery in them, should you need to!”

Best gardening gloves ever!

“I have lost count of how many pairs of Red Backs gardening gloves I have bought in the past, mostly from yourselves at garden shows, but also via the phone. They have been sent as gifts as far away as Australia and New Zealand, and I can say with confidence that we all think they are the best gardening gloves ever!”